Start your UK settlement visa application here

Start your UK settlement visa application here

The settlement visa is the visa required if you intend to permanently live and work in the UK. It is the first visa on the path to British citizenship. This website is primarily aimed at British citizens who would like to get their wife, husband or civil partner settled into the UK. To qualify for this visa you must have been in a genuine relationship for at least two years.

The settlement visa allows the holder to obtain a national insurance number and work legally in the UK. They will also be eligible for National Health Service (NHS) healthcare. They won’t be able to claim other benefits such as housing benefit or job seekers allowance.

I’ve just been through the UK settlement visa application for my wife and found the information required on the UK visas and immigration website very fragmented and rather unhelpful. It took me many hours of sifting through irrelevant information to find what was required.

This website does not cover every possibility as the UKVI website does but it will make the application process much easier and faster for the vast majority of applicants. There are links to everything you need and links to further information for more unusual applications. Visa agents usually charge £600 or more assist with a settlement visa application, immigration lawyers can charge more than £1,200. If your application is straightforward you can do it yourself, this guide should save you a lot of money. If your application is more complicated, for example you have been deported, overstayed or refused a visa before you will probably want to use a visa agent or immigration lawyer.

  1. Financial Requirement
  2. English Language Requirement
  3. Tuberculosis Test
  4. Accommodation
  5. Document Checklist
  6. Online Application
  7. Collating your supporting evidence
  8. Biometric Residence Permit

First step Financial Requirement

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