Collating your supporting evidence

UK Settlement Visa supporting evidence

If you didn’t get your supporting evidence scanned at the visa application centre you will need to send all your evidence to UKVI in the United Kingdom.

Group your documentation neatly into sections. The sections I used were:

1) Application form
2) Applicant documents
3) Sponsor documents
4) Appendix 2 (VAF 4A December 2013) Financial requirement form
5) Financial requirement
6) Accommodation details
7) Relationship history
8) Original documents

I put an introduction at the start of each section (except 1 & 4) explaining all the documentation and clarifying any possible sources of confusion. As one of the sponsor’s documents I wrote a letter in support of my wife’s visa application.

Enclose a pre-paid addressed envelope for UKVI to return your original documents. Unless you supply copies of all your original documents and a return envelope UKVI will keep or destroy your original documents.

If you weren’t given a different address when your fingerprints were taken, send your supporting evidence to:

Settlement Applications
International Operations and Visas
PO Box 5852
S11 0FX
United Kingdom

An easy and fast (if rather expensive) way to get all your documentation to UKVI is to use DHL. Go to the DHL website. Click on ‘Ship Online’, then choose your country from the drop down box and click the ‘>>’ button. Enter your location in the from fields. Enter United Kingdom and S11 0 in the to fields. Enter the dimensions and weight of your package then click ‘Get Quote’. Choose the ‘Ship Online Now’ option, fill in the forms and enter your credit card details. Print the shipping label and stick it to your package. DHL will pick the package up from your home or workplace and get it to UKVI usually in two or three days.

Assuming your application was successful and you have received your passport and decision letter you must enter the UK before the latest entry date shown. After you have arrived in the UK you must pick up your biometric residence permit.

Final step Biometric residence permit