Financial Requirement

UK Settlement Visa Financial Requirement

Probably the first thing you should do is check that you meet the financial requirement. You will also require a bit extra as the settlement visa application process is expensive (£2,000+) and you will also have travelling expenses to pay.

Appendix 2 of VAF 4A categorically states “If you do not meet the financial requirement applicable to your application, including when your cash savings are taken into account, you can expect your application to be refused.”

Usually the financial requirement is met using the sponsor’s salary or cash savings. Other forms of income eg. income from self-employment, property rental income, investment income, pension income can also be used.

To meet the financial requirement using cash savings you will need a minimum of £62,500. This can be held in more than one account. To meet the requirement with salaried employment you need to be earning a minimum £18,600 gross annual salary. You can use a combination of savings and salary.

You must have held the cash savings or salaried position for at least six months. For cash savings the balance must not have dropped below the requirement in the 6 months preceding the application. If the applicant is also applying for dependant children who are not British citizens to settle in the UK, the financial requirement is increased, see our dependent children page.

The logic behind the cash savings requirement of £62,500. The settlement visa is valid for two and a half years. More than £16,000 in your bank disqualifies you for many of the benefits available in the UK. So 2.5 x £18,600 + £16,000 = £62,500.

If you have a salary below £18,600 the additional cash savings required to meet the financial requirement can be calculated using the following formula: £62,500 – (2.5 x salary)

Example. Your salary is £14,200.
£62,500 – (2.5 x £14,200) = £27,000
You require cash savings of £27,000 in addition to your salary of £14,200 to meet the financial requirement.

For cash savings the evidence required is:

Original bank statements covering at least the six months prior to the visa application.

Bank statements must be:
(1) on official bank stationery; or
(2) electronic bank statements which are either accompanied by a letter from the bank on its headed stationery confirming that the documents are authentic or which bear the official stamp of the issuing bank on every page.

A letter must be on the headed stationery of the bank and must clearly show the account number, the date of the letter and the financial institution’s name and logo.

The latest statements must be dated no earlier than 28 days before the date of visa application.

For salary the evidence required is:

Original payslips for at least the six months prior to the visa application.

Payslip copies may be submitted provided they are accompanied by a letter from the employer, on their headed stationery and signed by a senior official confirming the payslips are authentic.

Original bank statements corresponding to the payslips showing that the salary has been paid into your bank account.

A letter from the employer who issued the payslips confirming the person’s employment and gross annual salary, the length of their employment, the period over which they have been or were paid the level of salary relied upon in the application and the type of employment (permanent, fixed-term contract or agency).

If the sponsor is in receipt of a disability related or carers benefit they may be exempt from the financial requirement.

For complete information, exemptions and other ways to satisfy the financial requirement see: Appendix FM Section 1.7 and Immigration Rules Appendix FM-SE: family members specified evidence

If you meet the financial requirement print the Appendix 2 (VAF 4A December 2013) financial requirement form and fill it in.

If you do not meet the financial requirement and are not exempt from it there is no point in proceeding. UKVI will refuse your visa.

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