Dependent Children

UK settlement visa dependent children

This page details the financial requirement if the applicant is also applying for dependant children who are not British citizens to settle in the UK.

gross salary cash savings
One dependent child £22,400 £72,000
Two dependent children £24,800 £78,000
Three dependent £27,200 £84,000
Four dependent children £29,600 £90,000
For each subsequent dependent child £2,400 £6,000

If you have a salary below that required for the number of dependent children the additional cash savings required to meet the financial requirement can be calculated using the following formula: cash savings requirement – (2.5 x salary)

Example. Your salary is £22,000 and you have 3 dependant children.
£84,000 – (2.5 x £22,000) = £29,000
You require cash savings of £29,000 in addition to your salary of £22,000 to meet the financial requirement.